Sign Transaction API


The signTransaction method allows securely signing an Ethereum transaction within an authenticated session.

To sign a message a user / an account would need to have to have been registered by going through Register using SDK flow.

Direct Authentication

Request Spec

In order to use this approach, you must sign your User Input json using DOA to obtain a signature.


  • X-Encrypted-Key: Encrypted key for secure processing of the request.

  • X-Encrypted-Key-Signature: Developer key signature encrypted using encryption key

  • X-Encrypted-User: User details encrypted using encryption key


  • params: The transaction parameters as a TypedTransaction object.

    • from - The sender address

    • nonce - The transaction nonce

    • maxPriorityFeePerGas - Max tip paid to miner

    • maxFeePerGas - Max total fee willing to pay

    • to - Recipient address

    • gas - Gas limit

    • value - Amount of ETH to send

    • chainId - Network ID

    • type - EIP-2718 transaction type


An RLP encoded transaction signature that can be executed as a raw transaction

Request Example

Content-Type: application/json
X-Encrypted-Key-Signature: eJjdnfdknf...
X-Encrypted-Key: jp6t2GVOvzltN+4VGc21ZKPIbLjEvitE34cFYDvVNrcmF2ukcKMTO8R/F0wbonGZM0NZBg2X94FvirH6Hi2U1zFlXN5srkOdvQL3lVNZ86gbfEtJFPOEAeZkxtTOKOsH4ZXPtUbFOjT2Niblo8njOKibOoAMRKIhtsNTTvRXjHRxnNqVs3QcSe7XbO1DbH/pdRgq+YZN13znlSRsupu4G/h/KBEZr98wXFo8PeDV9F8ZV56F90GqQ3wKzFUBwC9rJihGz0omH+eJA0jB/K7BYt30fhWDnqaLNP2eb1mbIjBCmv6sXqu2jtghr3ejl0YwjP9lCO+aVD7bophfb/IyKg==
X-Encrypted-User: JZVjZw33OGoQDEMcbOdckx4TzspQEKP5j+iAGqf6b6gPleziY/Noyd4uW6KMSujq0HKP2Rb69p9Wi8ic5O8LZl9oTmmWk4op0CUKejqcV5DsNDp83PYzUg==
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "method": "eth_signTransaction",
    "params": [
            "from": "0x764904Df4B0e3eBabBEE902e356D9cA701e1fC70",
            "nonce": "0",
            "maxPriorityFeePerGas": "0x9184E72A", 
            "maxFeePerGas": "0x9184E72A",
            "to": "0xb89FF4E9AD6B33F69153fa710F9849f51712eEc4",
            "gas": "0x7530", 
            "value": "0x2386F26FC10000", 
            "chainId": "0x13881",
            "type": "0x02"
    "id": 1

Response Example

    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "result": "0x02f8748301388180849184e72a849184e72a82753094b89ff4e9ad6b33f69153fa710f9849f51712eec4872386f26fc1000080c080a0997d192e9037357eb47ce92f62bc3eb40946952322588527cb2a8bcfee364ee2a038ca2627eb05d833fa0dd7b96ba2a3bdf09907ad95c1a7f2fc3e5d4af7779582",
    "id": "1"

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