Execute Lambda SDK

To execute a lambda, as of now, user need not authenticate. It can directly call for lambda execution provided it has the unique UUID.

import { Passport } from "@0xpass/passport";
import { WebauthnSigner } from "@0xpass/webauthn-signer";

const signer = new WebauthnSigner({
      rpId: window.location.hostname,
      rpName: "rpName",

const passport = new Passport({
    scopeId: "insert_your_scope_id",
    signer: signer

const request_body = {
    data: {
        "id": "15363182-f572-40ee-ba2a-efee4c8a3691",
        "params": []

// Generate a threshold signature
const response = await passport.executeLambda(config);

executeLambda Parameters

ParameterDescriptionExample Values


id = lambda_uuid obtained during creation, params = list of any arbritrary inputs you want to pass during function execution. It can anything, a list of string, numbers, json objects or even mixed array.

executeLambda Response

A successful response will return a signature or Condition not met.

    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "result": "0x9d73f5605320e17ab1eaa0e7d1c82df288fddbef1085bbc4d30707128b8dac135ef3207c349c522f407cc6e72740e2ee503c4086ce8d0096f665180e9d8f71ab1b",
    "id": 3

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