Sign Message API


The personal_sign method is used to sign a given message with the private key of a specified Ethereum address. This is a way to prove that the sender has control over the private key of the address, without revealing the key itself. It is widely used for authentication and message verification purposes.

To sign a message a user / an account would need to have to have been register and authenticated by going through Register using API flow.

Direct Authentication

Request Spec

In order to use this approach, you must sign your User Input json using DOA Key directly to obtain a signature.


  • X-Encrypted-Key: Encrypted key for secure processing of the request.

  • X-Encrypted-Key-Signature: Developer Key signature encrypted using encryption key

  • X-Encrypted-User: User details encrypted using encryption key


  • Params: an array containing below items:

    • A string containing the message to sign, encoded in hexadecimal and prefixed with 0x.

    • A string representing the Ethereum address to sign the message with, prefixed with 0x.

Response Spec

  • Result: A string representing the hexadecimal signature of the message.

Request Example

Content-Type: application/json
X-Encrypted-Key-Signature: eJjdnfdknf...
X-Encrypted-Key: jp6t2GVOvzltN+4VGc21ZKPIbLjEvitE34cFYDvVNrcmF2ukcKMTO8R/F0wbonGZM0NZBg2X94FvirH6Hi2U1zFlXN5srkOdvQL3lVNZ86gbfEtJFPOEAeZkxtTOKOsH4ZXPtUbFOjT2Niblo8njOKibOoAMRKIhtsNTTvRXjHRxnNqVs3QcSe7XbO1DbH/pdRgq+YZN13znlSRsupu4G/h/KBEZr98wXFo8PeDV9F8ZV56F90GqQ3wKzFUBwC9rJihGz0omH+eJA0jB/K7BYt30fhWDnqaLNP2eb1mbIjBCmv6sXqu2jtghr3ejl0YwjP9lCO+aVD7bophfb/IyKg==
X-Encrypted-User: JZVjZw33OGoQDEMcbOdckx4TzspQEKP5j+iAGqf6b6gPleziY/Noyd4uW6KMSujq0HKP2Rb69p9Wi8ic5O8LZl9oTmmWk4op0CUKejqcV5DsNDp83PYzUg==
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": 2,
  "method": "personal_sign",
  "params": [

Response Example

Success Response:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": "0x66cc515557fc5b7a53de5ea02e6cd248f1500b1a1107e118c59739b35f1c696e48f89564f74dbd17883477b8f43b3e0454f20464071796c7d1363d5821aae7351b",
  "id": 2

Error Response:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "error": {
    "code": -32603,
    "message": "Internal JSON-RPC error."
  "id": 2

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