Passport Protocol, offer programmability in the from of what we call Lambda's. Lambdas are programmable conditions that can be used to specify signing and authentication logic for specific wallets.

You can use both on and off-chain data to provide specific signature conditions by simple use of APIs. Examples of what is possible, using programmable actions:

  • Sign my transaction when ETH prices reaches $3000 and submit to blockchain.

  • Send signature to specific API endpoint, if Date > 12th Jan, 2023

  • Generate a signature based on smart contract call outputs


  • Off-Chain Compatibility: Lambda Actions can pull in data from off-chain sources natively, without requiring the use of a third party oracle.

  • Run Arbitrary Code - Execute any arbitrary code to determine whether to sign or not

  • Embeds with any workflow - Post hooks allows the developers/ users to embed the automation within their workflow easily.

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