Account Abstraction Support

Add smart account features to any wagmi compatible connector.
In order to get our developer community kickstarted with account abstraction, we have built our sdk on top of popular Account Abstraction frameworks.


0xpass's Accounts SDK is built on top of Alchemy's AA SDK and Zerodev's Kernel Implementation to provide a simple and fast way to make smart wallets. This works with any wallet or connector that is WAGMI-compatible.


  • All WAGMI Hooks works as is with the implementation.
  • Fully WAGMI and Viem compatible.
  • Wrapper implementation (so works with any WAGMI connector or RainbowKit wallet)
  • It's fast and easy to set up - just 2 minutes!
  • Ability to sponsor your user's transactions.
In a nutshell, 0xPass offers a simple way to create and use smart wallets that are easy to use and works well with WAGMI.